About Us

"I am worthy of great things" 

Worthy Candle Co. was founded by Ivy Harvey, in 2020, to share the love of candles that she and her husband share with all of you; while also bringing awareness to mental health. We, just like many others, battled through our fair share of challenges during this year and wanted to find a way to bring happiness to such a tough year. One of the ways I found to stay positive through difficult situations is reciting positive affirmations. I believe that with God and faith anything is possible.


As you've seen, every candle is named after a positive affirmation. Your sense of smell is closely linked to memory and in turn triggers vivid memories from your past. As someone who has battled anxiety and depression, I know the importance of positive self talk. It is my prayer that when the scent fills your room you are reminded of the positive affirmation that is listed on your candle. When times are tough and you smell the candle, you remember that you are worthy of great things. You remember that you may be in a tough position now, but one day when you light your candle in the future you will look back and remember just how far you've come.